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Hong Kong Wang Ming Tong Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited was formally registered as a trademark in Hong Kong in 1982. In 1997, it developed the Chinese medicine, clinic investigate, prophylactic products and produces some health products. Besides, it also has wholesale and retailing about the medical products, health products and herbal.

Subsidiary Companies are:

Hong Kong:

  • China Prostate Investigate Institute;
  • Quan Zhou Shi Quan Kong Medicine Company(China);
  • Jin Jiang Shi Ying Lin Zhen Wang Ming Tong Medicine Company(China);
  • Shi Si Wang Ming Tong Prophylactic Product Limited(China);
  • Hai Kou Shi Wang Ming Tong(China);
  • Xiang Ren Tang Shang Hang (China).

Wang Ming Tong is the best organization about clinic, the producer of pharmaceutical, wholesaler and retailer, etc. About its professional is to cure asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, rheumatism, prophylactic and urethritis, etc.

Dedicated to quality and integrity, Wang Ming Tong is reputed for the manufacturing and retailing of pharmaceutical products, using only the best quality Chinese medical ingredients and according to its inherited ancient formulas. Among its most renowned products are the “Qian Lei Shu AB”, “Niao Pin Ning” are suitable for the men who have prophylactic and the women who have urethritis. “Ke Chuan Ning” is for the people who have asthma and cough for a long time. “Burdock Tea” is good for the person who has hypertension, diabetes mellitus, chronic inflammation and relieving constipation, etc. For the product which is relating Wang Ming Tong, please refer to our website.

We are welcome for the Franchisees and Joint Venture. For more detail, please contact us.

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